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I'm Tina and I have worked very hard on my voice, body, and attitude.
My attitude is this: I have what you like so you will respect the lady I am.
I deserve the finest of treatment, dinners, gifts, and pretty sparkling jewelry.
In this way you will be rewarded with my cock ... that's right boys. I'm
from the film noir school where vamps rule with haughty bitchy demeanor.
I'm stuck-up and classy and I know I'm the best you could ever hope to
hold ... for a little while that is. So many men, so little time!!

My balls always need a good draining so get your lips around this
beautiful shaft, and suck my balls while you're at it. I may want to fuck your
virgin asshole too ... oh I love virgin assholes! I'm a hot tranny fag-maker
so beware in my grips, you may never go back.


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