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The name is Sammy. I’m not your usual
run of the mill SHEMALE. I have been living as a female
since I was 10 yrs old. My parents noticed there was something
special about me when I was very young. They started dressing me
as a girl, and I have always been a girl deep down inside.
When I was young, I was a very good girl, as I grew
older, I became a very BAD girl!!

I am the GLORY HOLE QUEEN. I love those
damn places and can't stay away. Getting on my knees
and waiting for that stranger's cock to come through the hole in
the wall gets me sooooooo horny. I can suck a cock until it cowers
and runs away. It's always a thrill to stick my ass up to
the hole and get plowed by a big hairy cock.

Do you have these fantasies?
Well, I can fill you in and take you to the deepest,
darkest pits of the porn store and get you the blow job of
your life. I can get on my knees and suck the cum from your
engorged cock while you enjoy a cock of your own in
your mouth or virgin asshole.

Let's make a dinner date and go
to my local porn store and get us some new meat.
Then for dessert we can go to my placeand SUCK and FUCK
until the sun shines through my blinds.

For a good time ... call SAMMY.


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