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Let me start right out by telling you what you will do for me, even if you don’t want to. I'm your all-in-one shemale girl. All your big cock Tranny fantasies will cum true with me.
Sit there with your pathetic excuse for a cock exposed so I can point out all of your many flaws to you and my real lovers. I want you to look at their powerful cocks plunging into my sweet ass, their creamy loads flowing from my gaping hole. Does that make you hungry, and leave you wanting me? I hope so because here's where your part comes in.
Drop to your knees and slip your tongue deep into the pooling cum dripping from my ass. Drink it up like my little kitten drinks milk with passion and gusto. When you're done cleaning me up, you can service my lovers. LOL. I have many lovers and they all have great cocks. Many of them over 9 inches. Bet your wanting a big 9 inches in your dirty little shit hole, don’t you? But I think you will just be my little slut, I look forward to making you beg, plead, and fall to your knees just where I want you to be. I am the lover that will seduce you. I am the Mistress that will train you. I am the raunchy bitch that will push you over the edge. Making you beg for more, lots more. Do you like the feel of a nice hard cock in your mouth, down your throat and drilling you in your other secret place?
You will have the pleasure of the most incredible feeling. What you will experience is my throbbing dick sliding into that nice slippery hole of yours. Whether you're sensual or more on the kinky side, I know we'll get along just fine. I'll be the one to decide if and when you're allowed to touch me. I'll also decide when and where you'll be touched. I'm not a malicious or even terribly dominant women. I just adore the sight of a horny man, like you trembling with anticipation while trying to control your trembling hands and stiffened cock, because you know that if you step out of line, you won't get to fulfill your Tranny sex fantasy, and that wouldn't be fun for anyone, now would it? After all, gentlemen get what they want, bad boys get what they deserve.
I'm guessing you're already throbbing in your pants just by looking at these pics of me. I'd love to see just how much you want to explore my sexy Shemale figure. I will hike up my skirt inch by inch and letting the tip of my big cock just barely graze your face, feeling the heat of your breath against my skin as you pant for air. Don't forget, naughty boys, that I am the tease and denial Mistress, and I'm going to keep saying "no" until I think you deserve to cum for me.
If you're ready to see what a girl like me can do to a man like you, then give me a call and then sit back, relax and let my cock rock your world. I’m always around somewhere, just give me a try.


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